Tuesday, February 03, 2015

US Patent No. 8,944,395 to "Apple Electric"

The first claim of US 8,944,395 states

A golf car for use by a user, the golf car comprising:

a display device for displaying at least play-related information on a display screen thereof;
a golf car housing defining a compartment, the compartment including at least one seat to be occupied by the user; and
a mounting system for mounting the display device to the golf car housing such that the display device is movable when attached to the mounting system so as to facilitate viewing of the display screen by the user whether the user is located inside or outside the golf car; wherein the mounting system includes: a rigid base member; a swivel member mechanically connecting the display device to the rigid base member, the swivel member facilitating rotation of the display device relative to an initial position of the display device; and at least one extension member mounted at one end to the rigid base member and at another end to the golf car housing, the at least one extension member facilitating movement of the display device distally from at least one point of attachment of the mounting system to the golf car housing.


See PatentBuddy for listings for APPLE ELECTRIC CAR, INC. and inventor Anthony Bonito of Davie, Florida.


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