Thursday, February 19, 2015

US application 20150050252 on pluripotent stem cells


Stimulating tissue resident pluripotent stem cells in a manner that the respective subject (e.g., human) acts as its own sterile bioreactor for in vivo stem cell proliferation thus eliminating the need to isolate, cultivate, maintain, proliferate and release stem cells ex vivo. The stimulation mobilizes excess pluripotent stem cells into the peripheral vasculature where the pluripotent stem cells can either migrate to damaged tissues and/or be harvested by simple venipuncture, thus eliminating potential morbidity and mortality elicited from harvesting tissue from solid tissue sites. The pluripotent stem cells are separated from the blood by gravity sedimentation, after which the pluripotent stem cells can easily be aspirated from the white blood cells and red blood cells. Billions of pluripotent stem cells can be generated in this fashion for infusion/injection into the body, via the vasculature, and into the organ(s) in need of tissue repair and regeneration.


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