Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Plagiarism issue in "green jobs" matter in Oregon

Golocalpdx has a  a post titled


Cylvia Hayes Plagiarized Portions of Her Consulting Report


Which delves into issues of "who owns" state-sponsored studies.

From the post

Because the state owns the OED report, it is not copyrighted, and is free to use. Still, Bailey argues it betrays "lazy writing," along with secondary source plagiarism.
The 2010 green jobs report provided Hayes with a springboard from which she went on to win several -- now notorious -- environmental consulting contracts. 


Summers said any work done by the state is in the public domain and can legally be used by an outside contractor commissioned by the state, even if that contractor is doing it for a profit, as was the case with Hayes. 


IPBiz notes that this incident illustrates the difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism.  Copying, even verbatim, of public domain material is not copyright infringement.  Not attributing the copied material is plagiarism.   Taking money for copied material, while representing it as original, might implicate other issues.


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