Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NCIS "Blast from the past" episode does GaN

Work on the blue LED from gallium nitride got the Nobel prize in 2014. On 24 Feb 2015, GaN was involved in the NCIS plot line in the episode Blast from the past.

Some text from the NCIS show related to gallium nitride

Uh, Gallium Nitride-- or "GaN," for short-- is a highly dangerous compound originally developed... To brighten LEDs in prototype electronics.

He offered me a lot of money for two backstopped IDs. Did they say what they wanted them for? They were trying to get information on Gallium Nitride. That's old stuff. What could it hurt?



**As to the Nobel Prize, see the previous IPBiz post

Nakamura, the Nobel Prize, and compensating inventors which does mention
Paul Maruska.


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