Monday, February 16, 2015

BioVantage gets US '249 on photobioreactor

The first claim

1. A photobioreactor for growing algae, comprising: a tank to contain algae and growth medium for the algae; at least one light pipe to provide light in the tank for accelerating algae growth in the tank, the light pipe comprising a light source located outside of the tank for generating and emitting light and a light rod having a distal longitudinal end disposed inside the tank and a proximal longitudinal end disposed to receive light emitted from the light source to be delivered from the light rod into the tank to provide light for accelerating algae growth in the tank; the light rod having alternating frosted and unfrosted portions located in the tank and spaced along a longitudinal length of the light rod between the proximal end and the distal end, the unfrosted portions having a transverse cross-section that permits total internal reflection of light in the unfrosted portions wherein light in the light rod from the light source is transmitted along the unfrosted portions by total internal reflection and in the frosted sections a portion of the light from the light source is emitted from the light rod in the tank. 


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