Thursday, January 29, 2015

Revolving door between Google and the White House?

From a letter by Ken Blackwell:


Interestingly, the number one corporate cheerleader for patent reform has been Google. Let’s not forget how close the Obama administration is to Google. There has practically been a revolving door between the company and the White House. If you hate crony capitalism, then you should be worried about the administration and Congress acting so aggressively to overhaul the patent system to advance the financial interests of Google and others.
Strong patent protections are one of the key economic concepts that distinguishes us from nations like China, where Intellectual Property theft is rampant. Why would we support legislation that emulates their model? We should be protecting our inventors from theft and ensuring American innovation is on the cutting edge, not undermining property rights and surrendering our one key advantage to the Chinese.
A number of leading conservative organizations and legal scholars have expressed grave concerns about the consequences of this legislation. It makes no sense for conservatives to support legislation that stifles innovation, weakens property rights, surrenders our advantage to China and rewards Obama’s leading corporate supporters.



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