Sunday, January 25, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on January 25, 2015

The show began with a violin playing.  Charles Osgood introduced the stories.
The cover story is by Tracy Smith on speaking out on sexual assault.  Second, Dean Reynolds on string theory z(violins).  Third,a Serenade Alschul on the barefoot contessa.   Fourth, Lee Cowan on Penn and Teller.  Mark Phillips on Stonehenge.   Anthony Mason.  Faith Salie.  Steve Hartman.
Headlines.  ISIS beheads Japanese journalist.  Holly Williams.  Obama in India.   Fighting in eastern Ukraine.  Ernie Banks dead.  Joe a Franklin dead.  Bill Belichek press conference on deflated footballs.  Weather.  Colder in northeast.

Tracy Smith did the cover story on victims of sexual assault.  Grace Brown.  18-24 most likely targets.  "It's on us." campaign.  Put up systems that allow justice to occur.  Sarah Gilcreest.  Enforcement under Title IX.  Valerie Simmons.  Andrew Miltonberg.

Almanac.  Jan. 25, 2890.  Nellie Bly goes round the world, starting in NJ.  NY World.  Takes 72 days.
1956 movie wth David Niven.


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