Sunday, January 25, 2015

60 Minutes on January 25, 2015

Scott Pelley interviews the Republican Congressiinal leaders.  Boehner hit on Obama-care.  Not looking good for free community college or increased minimum wage.  Boehner points out highway trust fund issues.  Boehner is very concerned about the Iranians.  Enhanced sanctions if deal not reached.  Bibi Netanyahu invite as a brush-back pitch to Obama?   Use of force against ISIS?  Whose boots on the ground against Isis?  Obama will veto the immigration bill?   Obama's job approval is 44% but Congress's is 15%.  Pelley asks:  can you bring the Tea Party in line?
McConnell alluded to the debates between Jefferson and Adams?

Bill Whittaker on "the Cleveland Division".  Chief Calvin Williams.   He assumed command in February.   Tamir Rice.  DoJ :  us against them mentality.  Robert J. Clark:  policeman shot.
Murder rate higher in zCleveland than in Chicago.   How Cleveland police deal with the mentally ill.
450 officers out of 900 are trained for such.  


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