Sunday, December 21, 2014

"60 Minutes" on December 21, 2014

Scott Pelley in Cuba.

Wayne Smith is interviewed; time long ago for a change.

Musicians could not give copies of music because no photocopiers in Cuba.

Only 5% of Cubans connected to the internet.

500 Cubans per day seek visas to u.s.

Lesley Stahl interview with Tom Coburn.  Tom will be ending his term two years early.
He is friends with Barack Obama.  Obama is a smart nice guy.  Friendship began in 2005.
President Obama has not done a good job of reaching out.  Senators make decisions to benefit
Their career, not the country.  Coburn's power comes from killing legislation.  Grind things to a halt.
Put a hold on legislation.  Thousands of holds.  Dr. No.  Grew up in Muskogee.
Family optical business.  At age of 31, Coburn went to med school.  First campaign in 1994.
Picked a fight with Ted Stevens over bridge to nowhere.  Issue of conflict of interest over practicing medicine and being a senator.  Worked with Barack Obama.  Now prostate cancer.  How do you use each day to move things forward?

Charlie Rose interviews Reese Witherspoon.  Gone Girl and Wild.
Ferocity of spirit.  Wild:  pacific Crest Trail.  I miss you God, I miss you.
Grew up in Nashville.   Man in the Moon.  Harpeth Hall.  Then accepted to Stanford.
Pacific Standard.


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