Monday, November 17, 2014

Professor plagiarized student in Canada

From within a post by Geoff Leo titled Plagiarism allegation against U of R prof highlights growing problem

The most recent allegation of plagiarism in the engineering faculty at the University of Regina (U of R) is prompting experts to say there’s much more academic dishonesty on campuses across the country than universities are aware of or willing to admit.

"My observation is the institutions have much more interest in pursuing student ethical violations than faculty violations because the faculty violations reflect on their own institution," said Benson Honig of McMaster University’s school of business in Hamilton.

His comment is prompted by a CBC story about U of R student Arjun Paul, who claimed his engineering professor copied parts of his master's thesis and included them in a journal article without crediting Paul.

The journal, Environmental Geotechnics, investigated the allegation against Prof. Shahid Azam earlier this year and concluded "it was evident that [Azam’s published paper] had not fully credited Arjun Paul’s thesis," and as a result it "decided to withdraw the paper from Environmental Geotechnics."

Also from Honig:

Honig said his research indicates there's much more academic dishonesty occurring at universities and colleges than meets the eye.

In his own 2012 paper, "The Fox in the Hen House," Honig revealed that of the 279 articles he reviewed from his own academic discipline, 25 per cent "had some amount of plagiarism" and over 13 per cent "exhibited significant plagiarism."


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