Sunday, November 30, 2014

CBS Sunday Morning on November 30, 2014

Charles Osgood introduced the stories. First, Lee Cowan discusses the Make a Wish Foundation in "Dream Team." Second, Mo Rocca on Chris Rock. Third, Hunter Davies interviewed by Mark Phillips on written Beatle lyrics. Serena Alschul on Marina Abramovicz. Martha Teichner, Bill Geist, Steve Hartman.

Headlines. March from Ferguson to Jefferson City. Pope Francis in Turkey. Ohio State player.

Consider thanking nature for Yosemite. A dream for Gabe was getting out into open spaces, given to him by Make a Wish as being a Park Ranger, where the Sunday Morning clip opens with Gabe putting out a fire threatening Yosemite. Headquarters in Phoenix, Az. David Williams is president. 35 years ago. Chris Grecious. Wanted to be Phoenix police officer. Grecious. He died two days after the wish. That was 250,000 wishes ago.

Almanac gives an IP angle. November 30, 1858 patent issued to John Landis Mason on the Mason jar. Mason was born in Vineland, NJ. Competitors entered in 1879 when patent expired. Mason died penniless in 1902 in New York City.

The claims for US 22186 :

1. A screw neck or nozzle of a jar or bottle, in combination with a groove separating the thread from the shoulder of the bottle or jar. as described.

2. A screw ou the exterior of the neck of a bottle or jar in which the neck extends above the screw-thread and the thread vanishesinto thc neck of the bottle or jar, substantially as described.

Bill Geist on Pie Town, NM. Kathy Knapp of Pie-o-Neer. Good Pie Cafe.
8000 feet elevation. Started in 1922 by Clyde Nolan on US highway 60.
Catherine Roberts, pinto bean pie. [Within the story, there was a statement that Route 60 was the first coast to coast highway; this is not correct. US Route 30, dedicated October 31, 1913, was the first coast to coast highway. Although US 60 initially stretched less than halfway across the country, due to its late creation, it was soon extended west to Los Angeles.]

Hunter Davies. The Queen stopped at the exhibit for the Beatles' Yesterday. The tune was written before the lyrics.
A day in the life.

Death of writer PD James. Cover Her Face. Erin Moriarty interview in 2011.
The Murder Room. Made a baroness in 1991.

Marina Abramovic is number 5 on powerful people in art. Museum of Modern Art display.
Sean Kelly represented her. She was born in Belgrade. Performance art. Her brain studied at Bell Labs.
Lives in upstate NY. Favorite tree. Empty room at Sean Kelly gallery.
Hugged 600 people. Marina Abramovic Institute

Martha Teichner on battle of Franklin on Nov. 30, 1864. Author Robert Hicks. In 2005, a golf course; now a battlefield. James Lighthizer of a civil war trust. Gettysburg 1895. Motel next to Lee's headquarters at Gettysburg. Princeton battlefield in Jan 1777. Institute for Advanced Study.
Lawyer Julian Bibb in FrNklin. 20 acre park. 14 million.

CALENDAR: Week of December 1, Including the lighting of the White House Christmas tree.

Faith Salie comments on shaking hands and the germs that come with it.

Moment of nature. Wakulla Springs, Fl.

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