Sunday, November 23, 2014

"CBS Sunday Morning" on November 23, 2014: eat, drink and be merry

Charles Osgood introduced the food issue. The cover story by Dave Pogue is "The Next Course," on the future of food. Second, Lee Cowan on spam. Third, Seth Doane on cooking schools. Fourth, Tracy Smith on Patti LaBelle. Fifth, Susan Spencer on new flavors in foods in Campbell's Soup Products. Headlines of November 23. Suburban St. Louis: still no decision. Marion Berry of Washington, DC has died. He lived the way he wanted to. Iran's nuclear program. Buffalo, NY worries about rain. Weather: severe storms in southeast. Snow in mountain west.

Dave Pogue of on "the next course." Miller's company makes cookies made of cricket flour. Sort of toasty. Each cookie has 25 crickets in it. There are cricket farms. Crickets mature in six weeks. Cricket cobbler. Rob Reinhart on "soylent." Clip from "Soylent Green." Soylent manual 1.1. 3 meals with 2000 calories. Bon Appetit and Watson the computer. Adam Rapaport. "Chef Watson." 9000 recipes to Watson; then Watson spins out recipes. Watson combined ground beef and banana. Watson produced 100 recipes with pork chops and apples. Holiday mixed drink: rum and apple.

The fruit bowl. Martha Teichner in Moscow, Idaho on artist Roger Rowley on fruit plates. Giant kaleidoscope. A calendar of color. A sense of the seasons. Nothing too fancy. Be true to what you buy in the store. The farmers market is next to the art gallery.

Seth Doane in Osaka. Cable show Iron Chef. tsuji cooking institute. 54 year old cooking school. Cleaning fugu blowfish.
Making Japanese cake wagashi look like flower. Eating professionally. Yoshiki Tsuji

Susan Spencer does her first short clip of Nov. 23. Campbell's clip. Beer and cheese with beef and bacon. A guy's soup for watching football. Mark Alexander. chef's are encouraged to soup things up. Jazzy Jambalaya. Kickin' buffalo chicken. Chicken noodle soup has 32 feet of noodles in every can. Sirloain burger: 8 or 10 miniburgers. making grill marks is trade secret.

Rita Braver on menus. Eleven Madison Park in NYC has no written menu. There are 635,000 restaurants in US. At NY Public Library, Rebecca Fetterman curates the menu collection. Boston's Parker House hotel: stewed eel. Menus for Lusitania. Seating charts. Howard Johnson's. Hooters. Wheeler's fish menu. Greg Rapp; Menu Design. Exo Cafe. Take dollar sign off. Items in boxes. iPad menus. Computer tablet menus. Barbetta menu.

Mo Rocca on Cecillia Chang. Chinese dumplings. Yank Sing restaurant. Chang grew up in a 52 room restaurant. The Mandarin. Peking duck. Kung Pao chicken. Herb Caen stopped by for a meal. John Lennon was a customer. Jack Nicholson.
Frank Sinatra. Soul of a banquet. I don't like to follow; I like to do something different. I think chop suey disapper.

Nancy Giles on slow cooker/crock pot. "What a crock." Crock pot app. Normally 8 hours. Port and beef broth. First stop: voiceover job. Chewbacca at Times Square. Happy slow cook dance.

Lee Cowan on spam. Hawaii. Spam-a-holic paradise. No state eats more spam. 14 varieties of spam. apam/macadamia.
Hawaiian prime rib at McDonald's. TikiNiki: spamburger. Todd Rundgren. Better than hot dog: does not have snouts or anuses in it. Hormel: 395 cans per minutes. Invented in 1937. Monty Python helped spam. Span's kitch.
Jeff Ettinger. Sue the muppets. True slice of Americana. Blue and yellow can.

Susan Spencer. babeth's feast. one giant freezer section. petiete fig and caramelized onion puffs. Clarence Birdseye.
Average 71 frozen meals per year. Cardboard pizza. 50 billion per year industry.

Tracy Smith does Sunday Profile on Patti LaBelle. Last May, LaBelle turned 70. Godmother of soul food. Brisket for Keith Richards. Her piano player Elton John. Mac and cheese: over the top. Patti has diabetes. Shopping in Philadelphia: veggies and fish. Patricia Louise Holt. Patti LaBelle and the Blue Belles. Lady Marmalade. Was about a hooker. Two years after Marmalade, Patti was on her own. Anything can be snatched from you; don't complain.

Center screw press from Harlen. Faith Salie. Andy Brennan . Aaron Burr Cidery. Juice stored for six months; ferments to 7.5%. David Flaherty. Cider's return Cider is a bridge between wine and beer. Orchard St in NYC. Grown up juice box.

Susan Spencer on "Peanut Butter and Company" in NYC. The Elvis: peanut butter, bananas and bacon. "National Peanut Board." 800 million per year. Arachibutyrphobia. . Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter were peanut farmers.

Jim Gaffigan, comedian, on weight gain. A day of gratitude. Overconsuming turkey and pies. The name stuffing. Also called dressing. Stuffing cooked inside a dead animal. Outrage of personal dignity. Book "Food: a love story."

Next week: Paperback writers on the Beatles.

Moment of nature. Turkeys. Little River State Park in Oklahoma.


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