Sunday, November 23, 2014

60 Minutes on November 23, 2014

The first story, done by Steve Kroft, on Falling Apart, on infrastructure decline.
70,000 bridges need to be fixed. Roy LaHood. First up, city of Pittsburgh, with Liberty Bridge illustrated.
300 bridges become structurally deficient each year. There are 15 structurally deficient bridges on I-95 in Philadelphia.

An I-35 bridge collapsed in Minnesota. Spending on infrastructure at lowest level since 1947. Gas tax last raised in 1993. Last transportation bill passed in 1997. Also, issues with air travel. Only two east coast US seaports deep enough for large ships. Hackensack bridge in NJ. Single point of failure.

Second story on sealing the reactor at Chernobyl. Bob Simon visits the largest
Movable arch in the world. Debris called the elephants foot. April 26.
Tim Russo of the University of South Carolina. Tourists coming to Chernobyl.

"To those who saved the world"


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