Monday, October 13, 2014

US Patent 8,851,081 to Philip Morris: electrically heated smoking system

The first claim of US 8,851,081 :

An electrically heated smoking system for receiving an aerosol-forming substrate, the system comprising:

a substrate;
at least one heating element for heating the substrate to form an aerosol;
a power supply connected to the at least one heating element and operable to supply power thereto;
programmable electrical hardware connected to the power supply and the at least one heating element, the electrical hardware being configured to communicate over a bidirectional communications link with a remote host and control the at least one heating element in heating the substrate based on the control parameters received over the communications link.

The inventors are European and priority is claimed to European Patent Application No. 0 825 1450, filed Apr. 17, 2008 .


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