Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Teaching plagiarism at Harvard?

From CNN

I don't think they were teaching plagiarism at Harvard Business School. I don't think they were teaching you to cut and paste other peoples' work and call it your own," Christie said at an event for Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Hudson, Wisconsin.

Maybe the Guv should check out "Plagiarize with Pride" in the Harvard
Business Review.

From a 2006 post on IPBiz:

One notes that the Harvard Business Review was not so timid. At page 68 in the April 2004 issue of HBR, one has in the article that became the basis for Hardball:

Plagiarize with pride.

Softball competitors like to think that their bright ideas are sacred. But hardball players know better. They're willing to steal any good idea they say --as long as it isn't nailed down by a robust patent -- and use it for themselves. Ray Kroc didn't invent McDonald's; he took the idea from brothers Dick and Maurice McDonald when he bought their small chain of burger joints. Home Depot founders Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus didn't invent the first warehouse-outlet hardware chain; they got the "big box" concept from their earlier employer, Handy Dan Home Improvement.


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