Saturday, October 25, 2014

On government involvement in patent acquisition

An op-ed in the Lincoln, Nebraska Journal-Star by a former Novartis employee includes the text:

Patent trolling has proven so profitable that it has lured foreign governments into the field. China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea all have created their own companies that exist for the sole purpose of obtaining patents and suing companies over them. These companies are more dangerous than regular Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs), which is what patent trolling companies are called, because they have the financial backing of foreign governments. Their resources are virtually unlimited.

The Chinese Government’s troll is probably the most ominous threat. China is known for its lack of respect for intellectual property rights. In April 2014, the United States Trade Representative included China in its list of 10 “Priority Watch List” countries, which threaten innovation and creativity through their abuse of intellectual property rights. Portentously it was in April of this year that China also launched its government controlled troll, which they are calling Ruichuan IPR Funds. If China were able to make it on this list of the 10 most concerning offenders before their government got into patent trolling, just imagine of what they are capable now?


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