Sunday, October 05, 2014

CBS Sunday morning on October 5, 2014

The cover story by Erin Moriarty on mandatory sentencing. Second, Lesley Stahl on It's only a play. Third, Tracy Smith on Billy Idol. You must become naked. Fourth, Rita Braver on Gone Girl. Martha Teichner. Luke Burbank.
Headlines. NJ Ebola ? Peter Cassy. Baby Doc died at age 63. San Francisco wins 2-1. Weather: cool in northeast; showers coming.

Story of Lee Woolard in Davenport, Fl. May 14, 2008: loud noise in house. Grabbed a .357. Fired a shot into a wall. Judge sentenced him to 20 years. Aggravated assault involving a firearm. Mandatory sentencing law.
Steven Jansen prosecutor. Blind justice. Julie Stewart. Polk County prosecutor declined to discuss the case.

Almanac. Oct. 5, 1989: Nobel peace prize to dalai lama.

Pulse on jury verdicts: 22% always right ; 57% sometimes right.

Cork story discusses cork skin. Cork umbrella. Cork baseball cap.

Ben Affleck in Gone Girl. The character was really interesting.
Gillian Flynn. Daughter of two community college professors. Reporter for Entertainment a Weekly.

Medical first in Sweden. Transplanted womb. The donor in this case was a 61 year old. Baby is named Vincent.

University of Goteburg.

Lesley Stahl on Break a Leg. F. Murray Abraham as a vicious critic. In the play, Ben Brantley is mentioned.
The play is basically sold out. Stockard Channing mentions -no hard feelings-

Opinion piece on Amazon buying twitch. The real world is the most interesting game any of us will ever play.

The week ahead. Monday-customer service week begins. Robert de aniro wins a Friars award.
Oct 10 Nobel peace prize announced. Thursday: stamp at Comecon.

Tensions in Hong Kong. Seth Doane does Sunday Journal. The umbrella revolution.
In 2017, Hong Kong gets to vote on its executive. Current: one country two systems.
Peoples Daily Newspaper. Fight for democracy in China taken onto the streets,

Next week on Sunday Morning: Michael Keaton.

Moment of nature. California sea lions at Seal Rock in Pebble Beach.

Charles Osgood had a purple bow tie.


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