Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Crowdsourcing and growing plants

IPBiz has written about crowdsourcing previously (e.g., Downside of crowdsourcing? ).

Note a US patent which issued on Sept. 30, 2014 titled Programmable lighting with multi-day variations of wavelength and intensity, optimized by crowdsourcing using an online social community network .

The abstract of US 8,847,514 :

A programmable luminaire has arrays of LED's producing different wavelengths of light. A light map specifies how wavelengths of light reaching a plant or other organism are changed throughout a virtual day and over different growth phases of a plant's life. A host interface has a GUI light-map editor allowing a user to edit individual wavelengths in a light map that can be uploaded and shared with other users on a crowdsourcing web site. A large on-line community optimizes the light maps for a specific species of plants or animals. The wisdom of crowds converges until the best wavelengths, intensity and duration are arrived at through ranking, resulting in maximum desired output. Light maps are voted on by users and ranked based on votes, links to other light maps, and yield results. The LED's may be dimmed at intervals during the day for shading and sun fleck.

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