Sunday, September 21, 2014

CBS Sunday Morning on September 21, 2014

The cover story was done by Jan Crawford (UofC Law, 1993) on "common core" education. Jane Pauley did a piece on an 11 year old from Ferguson, Missouri.

A teaser for the Crawford story:

The Common Core is now at the core of a heated national controversy. Launched by state officials in 2009, the Core outlines what students must master at every grade level. (...)

But now some states are re-thinking their approach. Conservatives have branded the Core as the federal government "overreaching" into state affairs; Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is suing the White House over it. And in New York -- one of the bluest of states -- an estimated 60,000 students have now opted out of Common Core testing.

Of the Pauley piece on Marquis Govan:

a boy approached the microphone at a meeting of the St. Louis County Council:

"I would just like to say that the people of Ferguson, I believe, don't need tear gas thrown at them. I believe they need jobs."

Meet 11-year-old Marquis Govan.

"Where are all the African-American police officers in our community?"

In two minutes' time Govan tackled Ferguson's problems with unemployment, housing, and diversity:

"You're paying attention to the wrong things. You're paying attention to the looting and things like that, when the real issues aren't being solved. There's a reason why those people are out there."

Seth Doane did an interesting story about interrogation of German prisoners (including scientists) during World War II:

During WWII, Army Intelligence interrogated high-ranking prisoners-of-war at a secret installation in Alexandria, Va., dubbed "P.O. Box 1142." Seth Doane reports on this little-known piece of history that took place just a few miles from the nation's capital.

Steve Hartman on Jack Mook, of Pittsburgh.

The scheduled "opinion piece"

OPINION: Time to end five o'clock shadow

Humorist Louis Zemima says facial stubble doesn't suit today's man, even when he's wearing a tuxedo


was replaced by a piece by Nancy Giles on the current problems at the NFL.

The moment of nature was from the LBJ ranch in Texas.


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