Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zakaria plagiarism issue revived?

Renewed charges of plagiarism against Zakaria made by Our Bad Media include lifting full paragraphs and copying a single sentence and copying facts and figures produced by the research of others.

In a post Columnist Fareed Zakaria faces new accusations of plagiarism , the Washington Post discusses new charges against Zakaria and includes the text

The Post’s editorial page editor, Fred Hiatt, said the Post column alleged by Our Bad Media to contain plagiarism or failure to use attribution did not constitute any journalistic offense.

But Newbusters points to a different example of Zakaria plagiarism:

The Washington Free Beacon liked this one (#1):

Of the 500 big companies in the well-known Standard & Poor’s stock index, 115 paid a total corporate tax rate — both federal and otherwise — of less than 20 percent over the last five years, according to an analysis of company reports done for The New York Times by Capital IQ, a research firm. Thirty-nine of those companies paid a rate less than 10 percent. – David Leonhardt, New York Times, February 1, 2011.

Cain's second 9 is a 9% rate for corporate taxes, except that it's not really a corporate tax but a business-transaction tax. Still, the basic idea has value. The U.S. today has the second highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. And yet, of the 500 big companies in the Standard & Poor's stock index, 115 paid a total corporate tax rate--both federal and otherwise--of less than 20% over the past five years. Thirty-nine of those companies paid a rate of less than 10%. – Fareed Zakaria, “Complexity Equals Corruption," October 31, 2011 Time.

Read more:

Breitbart. Fareed Zakaria Faces New Plagiarism Accusations

Huffington Post Fareed Zakaria Accused Of Plagiarism... Again (UPDATE) Hiatt is quoted:
There's no lifting of language, and I'm sure I could find the same data in a dozen other reports. I honestly think it is reckless even to suggest this is plagiarism.


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