Sunday, August 31, 2014

CBS Sunday Morning on August 31, 2014

Lee Cowan sits in for Charles Osgood. The cover story is by Martha Teichner. Forbes: best companies to work for. What workers really want. Second, Ather Hussein cameraman from Iraq. Third, Serena Altschul on Christopher Cross. Fourth, Mo Rocca om DC burning by British. Carter Evans on walk in a woods. Faith Salie.
Headlines: European leaders meeting in Brussels discuss Ukraine. Australia prime minister Tony Abbott said Australia will help in Iraq. Heart failure drug. Showboat is closing its doors after 27 years. Michael Sam was cut by St. Louis Rams. California shoppers can't have single use plastic bags. Weather: rain in northeast.

10 million unemployed Americans won't be going back to work on Tuesday. In June, Board of Market Basket dismissed Arthur T. Demulis. Workers protested. Is there a connection between workers feeling well-treated and the bottom line. Robert Levelling: trust creates "family like"/"team like" environment. John Mackey co-founder of Whole Foods.
Fortune started publishing list in 1998. Whole Foods employs 85,000. Employees themselves hire co-workers. Bonuses based on team performance. Louis Carp: store team leader (manager). Being ambassador in a store. "Drinking the KoolAid." According to Gallup survey, only 3 out of 10 workers are engaged. Robert Passan, CWO, of Radio Flyer. Radio Flyer is no. 13 on small company list. There are 64 employees. Little Red Rule: every time we touch people's lives they will feel great about Radio Flyer. Robert Levering. Arthur T. will buy out Arthur S.

Almanac. August 31, 1803. Start of Lewis and Clark's adventure with Lewis leaving Pittsburgh. Camp Wood near St. Louis. Fort Clatsop.

Carter Evans quoting John Muir. Muir Woods National Monument. Glen Plum, biologist. Videocamera on a pole. Bioblitz. 24 hour inventory of species living. Organized by National Geographic and National Park Service.

Mo Rocca. 4000 British soldiers laid siege to Washington, Dc. William Almon, White House curator. William Allen, historian. Corbcob columns of Senate vestibule. Steve Vogel noted slaves were fighting for British. George Coburn.

Reprise of 2002 Joan Rivers interview. A woman of a certain age. Arm candy for Strom Thurmond and the Pope.
You're not wise; it's just that the people who know how stupid you are, are dead.

"Starting Over." Iraqi immigrant who went to Lancaster, PA. KYW in Philadelphia phoned him after seeing Sunday Morning story. An American reality.

Steve Hartman in Spartanburg, SC on Danny (and Ryan (with Down's Syndrome)) Holcomb. Clemson has a program for people with disabilities. Two year program will teach job skills and how to live independently.

Christopher Cross. Ride like the Wind began as a jam.

Faith Salie on taking a holiday. Unplug and re-boot. Time to re-think American work ethic. US does not require paid vacation. Wokers in EU guaranteed 20 vacation days per year. Boldness is not bread and cubicles.

Pulse. What makes your job worthwhile? 52% said co-workers.

Anthony Mason on Tavi Gevinson. Oak Park, Illinois. I'm just a hoarder basically. This is our youth. Steppenwolf Theater. Vogue's Anna Wintur. Movie "Enough Said."

Next week. King of Boardwalk Empire, Steve Buscemi.

Moment of Nature. by Viking River Cruises. Beaver Lake near Buffalo, NY.


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