Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Sunday Morning" on August 24, 2014: "by design" show

The opening is in Santa Fe, with a special edition from Charles Osgoode. Anthony Mason does the cover story. Living Large. Second, mobile homes. Third, Rita Braver interviews Venus Williams. Fourth, Serena Alschul on the mysteries of duck tape. Fifth, John Blackstone. Lee Cowan. Tracy Smith.
Don Daylor in the newsroom for headlines. 6.0 earthquake near American Canyon, near Napa, CA. Obama orders a review of programs on used military gear to police. On Staten Island, march about Eric Garner.
Israel pounds Gaza. Joshua Houston helps Chicago beat Las Vegas. Weather: hot and humid in west.

Luminous landscape in northern New Mexico. La Luz. In 1610, Santa Fe established. Oldest state capitol city in US. The Kline residence. Anthony Mason and Mark Strassman. Woolworth Skyscraper in NYC. to be made into 34 condos. Alchemy Properties. Tierre des Fon. Ultra luxury market is booming. Robert A. M. Stern. New York's Perry Street. Richard Meyeer architect. The Surf Club in Miami BEach. Price is $35 million. Number of billionaires is increasing. Competition for better units is fierce. Copper domed cupola of Woolworth will be five story penthouse.

Atocha Mobile Home Park owned by Eduardo Ramirez in Santa Fe. Trailer trash, but hardworking.
There are 8.5 million mobile homes in US. 97% of mobile homes never move again. Mike Bustamente is mobile home guy in Santa Fe. Jennifer Siegel innovator in mobile design. The future of what the trailer can become. Paradise Mobile Home in Malibu, CA. 7 figure prices. Homeowners rent land which can be $3000 per month. Sense of community in Paradise Cove. Marty King is a contractor.

Georgia O'Keefe art museum.

Lee Cowan on Ra Paulette. Man-made caves of art. Wilderness shrines. Tree of human kindness. Film: Cave Digger. Realtor: Tom Abrams, selling caves. "Magnum Opus" . linke:

Santa Fe's historic plaze; Osgood's tie made of duck tape. Serena Alschul. Prom clothers from 42 rolles of cuk tape. How to paint a pictue with duct tape. Duck brand duct tape from Avon, Ohio. Scott Summers. Move duct tape from hardware stores craft shops. Permicell Division of J&J: tape for coverning ammunition. Housing boom of 1950's: duct tape.

Maria Benitez and Joaquin Gallegos. Santa Fe Opera.

John Blackstone. Coaxing music from unlikely instruments. Emeryville. Johnnyrandom. Dorito crunch sound.

Martin DuBois, architect. Richard Schlesinger. Thatcher Wine on bookcover design. Custom design libraries. Juniper Books in Boulder, Colorado. Bespoke Libraries. Custom library for $750 per foot.
Used law books for "picture window" design. Don't want people to use them. Cool and practical.

Mo Rocca. There are no words. On Emoticons. Sept. 1982. Scott Fahlman at Carnegie Mellon. 19Sept1982. Imogees. Matt Weinberg; Vector Media Group in NYC. Custom Emoticons. A personal emoticon.

Tracy Smith on transportation. Nashville as source of skateboards. Salemtown board company.
Will Anderson makes skateboards. I am selling July in every month. $200 per board. Jacob Henley started company to teach discipline and dedication. It's a lot harder to teach. Not about shaping boards, but about shaping lives. Pride in good work. When you have a job you really like, it don't seem like a job. AND

Klein House in Santa Fe. Seth Doane goes to Bali. Houses of bamboo. Laura Hardy. Jewelry designer John Hardy. The Green School: think about impact on environment. Inspiring magical place. Ibuku brand. Peter Barge. Sharma Springs.

Rita Braver on Venus Williams. Jupiter, Florida studio.

Jeannie and Michael Klein. Allan Pizzi in Italy. Castille d'Brolio in Tuscany. In sight of Siena. Corned gunpowder. Dining room: family shows wealth and power. The "Iron Baron." Design of Chianti. 3 million bottles of Chianti per year. Colledila. From passiionatefoodie: stablished in 1141, it may be the oldest winery in Italy, the second oldest in the world. In 1141, the family of Barone Ricasoli was granted the Brolio Castle and it became a powerful stronghold for Florence, later helping defend the land against Siena

Mo Rocca on "treadmill desks." Joanna Coles: sitting is the new smoking. By the 1800s chairs were everywhere. Joanna does 2 miles per hour. Steelcase is largest maker of office furniture. LifeSpan.
Never go on it when you are drunk.

Next week: Christopher Cross.

Moment of nature. spiriva. Red rocks near Abiquiú, New Mexico. This is location where the opening shot of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was shot, as well as parts of "Red Dawn" (which nominally was supposed to be in Colorado).


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