Monday, July 07, 2014

The quick death of patent reform 2014

From within the post Patent-troll fight ends in retreat

Sitting recently in his spacious office in the Champlain Mill building in Winooski, Tarrant recalled the details of May 21, when he received the call that the Senate bill was dead.

"At 11:04, I get an email to schedule a call with Leahy's staff at noon," Tarrant said. "At 11:36, I get an email that says, 'A few things need to be worked out, can we push off the call?' Then it was probably around noontime I got the call from the senator's office that it was done.

"So within the course of an hour, we went from 'Things are progressing,' to death."

Tarrant is MyWebGrocer Chief Operating Officer Jerry Tarrant

Also from within the post at the Burlington Free Press:

Leahy said opposition to the bill came primarily from the bio-pharmaceutical industry, along with universities and trial lawyers. The Vermont senator's postmortem confirmed rampant speculation in the Washington media that Reid had strong-armed Leahy at the behest of lobbyists representing those groups.


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