Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The popular press ridicules published US patent application 20140159444 to Airbus

There has been some buzz in the popular press in July 2014 over US Patent application 20140159444 to Airbus (published June 12, 2014 ), with abstract

A seating device with reduced bulk, for example for an aircraft. This seating device comprises a backrest which describes a circular translational movement towards the front and upwards of the device when the seating device is brought to the retracted configuration. A seating structure is provided comprising a bearing piece on which are fixed, side by side, a plurality of seating devices with reduced bulk. An aircraft is provided comprising a seating device with reduced bulk mounted in its cabin.

See the Los Angeles Times on July 13, 2014: Airbus seeks patent for bicycle-like airline seat including text

“Many, if not most, of these concepts will never be developed, but in case the future of commercial aviation makes one of our patents relevant, our work is protected,” said Airbus spokeswoman Mary Anne Greczyn. “Right now these patent filings are simply conceptual.”

From the Washington Post on July 14, 2014 Airbus wants to patent the most uncomfortable plane seats ever

Airbus openly acknowledges that packing more passengers on board is going to result in reduced comfort, and that the goal is basically to figure out how far they can go without inciting an airborne revolt.

From the New York Post, on July 14, 2014: Airbus patent could make your flight even worse including text

With no tray table, no headrest and very little legroom the design is supposed to reduce the bulk of traditional airline seats allowing more passengers to be squeezed on-board. Fastened to a vertical bar, the bicycle seats are designed to fold up when not in use.

Note also, to Airbus:



A toilet arrangement for a vehicle includes a first toilet compartment, an adjacent second toilet compartment and a partition wall situated between the first toilet compartment and the second toilet compartment, wherein the partition wall is movably supported and designed for being transferred into an open position, in which the partition between the first toilet compartment and the second toilet compartment is removed. This makes it possible to convert two relatively small toilet compartments into a larger toilet compartment that is suitable for use by persons with limited mobility.




A toilet area for an aircraft cabin comprising an access door and housing a toilet bowl. The toilet area also comprises an evacuation exit, the access door occupying a closed position in the toilet area in a toilet configuration and a folded position in the toilet area in an evacuation configuration. Usage in particular in a flying wing aircraft is provided.


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