Sunday, July 06, 2014

CBS Sunday Morning on July 6, 2014

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for July 6, 2014. The headlines began with the US State Department protesting the beating of an American boy [Tariq Khdeir ]. There was online video of the head of ISIS [Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi; aka Caliph Ibrahim ]. The Ukrainian flag raised in Slovyansk, Ukraine [ The Ukrainian flag was raised Saturday over Slovyansk and Kramatorsk, ] Weather: sunny and warm in northeast.

The piece on Louis Zamperini was a recycle of previous presentations. CBS Sunday Morning on May 27, 2012 and CBS Sunday Morning on August 12, 2012 . Zamperini died at age 97. There was a mention of a 1998 story by Bob Simon.

Almanac was on the arrest of Captain Kidd on July 6, 1699 in Boston. He would be executed May 23, 1701.

The piece by Faith Salie on kitchen magnets was a recycle from CBS Sunday Morning on June 9, 2013

Anthony Mason interviews Robin Thicke on "Blurred Lines." Thicke's album Paula is a 14 song apology, in which he begs his former wife [Paula Patton] to come back. Robin put out his first solo album in 2002. "Lost Without You." The video "Paula" includes text messages between Robin and Paula. Vultures tweet.

16 million American viewers for World Cup. Alexandra Pride opinion piece on the World Cup. Soccer is something you can teach a three year old to do badly. We are supposed to get involve in conflicts we can win.

Wynton Marsalis. Barbeque in Lockhart, Texas. Smokestack Lightning. "Texas Monthly." Black's Barbeque.
Low and slow cooking. Index: Charcoal grill preferred by 58%.

Steve Hartman on Presidio, Texas. Sheila Condido, teacher, who ran the rocket club. Previous story by Hartman in 2012. "Aerospace teacher of the year." Goat auctions. Last fall, letter telling her to depart. Texas Congressman, Pete Gallego looked into it. Letter was supposed to be a green card.

Zach Braff profiled by Tracy Smith. Bullets over Broadway. Garden State. Zach's dad was an attorney.
Manhattan Murder Mystery. Scrubs. "Wish I was Here."

Mo Rocca talks to George Will about the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908, two years before Mark Twain died. Wrigley Field. Will saw Cubs play the Dodgers in 1950. Will played Little League: Mittendorf Funeral Home Panthers. Wrigley Field opened in 1914. Friendly Confines. Ladies Day: come in free. Attendance correlates with beer price. If you're not sober when you come in, you will be when you leave.

Next week: July 7: running of the bulls in Pamplona. July 8: Elvis Presley, That's all right. July 9: Raul Wallenburg. July 10: Emmy naming July 11: 100th anniversary of Babe Ruth's debut, as a pitcher.

Boyhood. David Edelstein. Time is the story. 7 year old. Before Sunrise. Before Sunset.
Snowpiercer endorsed by Edelstein.

Next week: Sunday at the shore.

Moment of nature. Caprock Canyon State Park in Texas, home of state bison heard.
850 Caprock Canyon Park Road, Quitaque, TX 79255


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