Sunday, July 27, 2014

CBS Sunday Morning on July 27, 2014; cover story on hoarding

Charles Osgood did the stories for July 27. Rita Braver does the cover story on hoarding, now diagnosed as a mental disorder, afflicting 5% of Americans. New help for hoarders. Lee Cowan interviews Angelica Huston. Third, Mark Strassman on Nixon's tapes. Barnyard cursing. Fourth, Sarah McLachlan done by Anthony Mason. Now touring. Fifth, Mo Rocca on manscaping.

Headlines: Hamas proposing a cease-fire. In Libya, US State Dept. closed embassy. Donetsk, Ukraine. Wildfire in Plymouth, CA. Nude painting in NYC. Weather: thunderstorms in NE.

Rita Braver on keeping too many books and papers. Joann Garland of Greenfield, MASS. Decades of stuff. The volume of clothing has overwhelmed her. Garland continues to hoard. Wire handles from Chinese takeout containers. I hate to waste anything. Up to 5% of the US population. 31% of Americans acknowledge having too much stuff. Reality tv. DSM-5 recognized hoarding as a mental disorder. Inability to keep it organized. Randy Frost of Smith College. Compulsive Hoarding. in 1947, the Collier Brothers bodies discovered. Houses were really full. Rich and poor alike. Hoarding runs in families. Suffer from depression. Anterior cingulate cortex. Book: Buried in Treasures. Recognizing the problem. Establish weekly goals. eg, tidy up bedside tables. Lillian Evers. Carol Star: felt like I was suffocating. Make my house a house again. Leader Lee Shore. 8 years ago his home was a disaster zone. Wife: me or the stuff. Separate into keep and give away piles. You still have impulse, but your reaction changes. Likely to be a live long struggle.

Almanac. July 27, 1965. Cigarette smoking and health. President Johnson signed bill requiring warning labels on cigarette packs. Winston tastes good like a cigarette should. As of 1970, cigarette commercials banned from tv. [April 1, 1970: Nixon signs legislation banning cigarette ads on TV and radio ] Just over 42 million American adults continue to smoke. About 1 death in every five due to smoking.

Manscaping, man grooming, story done by Mo Rocca. Stella Barba in Miami [Barba Skin Clinic[. Marcel Martinez is a patient. Laser zaps the hair and follicles underneath. European Wax Center: uses beeswax to remove hair. Joe Dooley: follicle fall guy, has chest hair removed via wax.

Building a Mystery. Anthony Mason talks to Sarah McLachlan . Her adoptive father died of cancer in 2010. A time when big changes happen. She lives in West Vancouver, and has a recording studio in her home. I go play the piano and it clams me right down. New album "Shine On." Unconditional love from her father, who was always there. She grew up in Nova Scotia. Signed to a record deal at age 19. Song "Angel." Related to the death of drummer of "Smashin' Pumpkins."
Used in a commercial for ASPCA Will you be an angel for a homeless animal. Raised 30 million dollars. A tour of all woman artists. Lilith Fair.[McLachlan founded the Lilith Fair tour, taking Lilith from the medieval Jewish legend that Lilith was Adam's first wife. ] Now have Sarah McLachlan School of Music.

Mark Strassman on the Nixon tapes. Alexander Butterfield. 3700 hours of tape. Luke Nichter of Texas A & M. Douglas Brinkley of Rice co-authored the Nixon Tapes. Humphrey: a gibbering idiot at times. 700 hours of tapes remained unreleased. Nixon is a prism.

Pulse. 28% say Nixon was a good president.

Mark Uptigrove director of LBJ Library. on Gerald Ford. Uncomplicated and down to earth. Our long national nightmare is over. Here the people rule. One month later, Ford pardoned Nixon. Ford's decency. Gerald Ford ultimately fit the moment. Times when goodness will do.

A bucket list. Steve Hartman in Chico, California. Christina Chesterman killed by drunk driver. She wrote a bucket list. Niagara Falls; save someone's life. Break up a fight between two guys over her. Her parents work on completing her bucket list. Thousands of people are doing her bucket list. [July 25: n our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets Sandra and David Chesterman, a couple that's celebrating the life of their daughter Kristina in a very special way -- through her bucket list. ]

The Grifters. Lee Cowan on Angelica Huston. Bought a farm near Sequoia National Park. "A Story Lately Told," published by CBS Simon and Shuster. Her grandfather, Walter Huston; father John Huston. Her mother died in a car accident. She headed for New York. Photographer Bob Richardson. Do you ever get tired talking about Jack Nicholson. Prizzi's Honor. You wanna do it? She married Robert Graham.

A tale of two cities. Relative happiness. Richmond, VA happiest. New York City, least happy.

School of Rock. Martha Teichner on "Boyhood" from age 6 to 18. Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke. Film was shot over 12 years. Manipulation of time. Accumulation of small but emotional moments. Red neck bar mitzvah. Worked as off shore oil worker. Summer 85 to spring 91. Moved to Austin, Texas. Slacker made for $23,000; msde $1.2 million.
Dazed and Confused. Matthew McConaghy. School of rock. "Before" trilogy. Waking Life. Budget for Boyhood, 2.4 million. Stays in Austin, Texas. 20 acres of old airport are now a studio.

Monday: Arlington renewal day. Tuesday: Warren G. Harding love letters Wednesday: Tuskegee Airman Thursday: Snowden asylum Friday: Chicago festival Saturday: Pro footbell hall of fame in Canton, Ohio

Next week: Osker Pistorious.

Moment of nature: Viking River Cruises. Texas Horned Lizards in Matador Wildlife Area in Paducah, Texas.


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