Sunday, July 13, 2014

CBS "Sunday Morning" on July 13, 2014

Lee Cowan, not Charles Osgood, introduced the stories for July 13. Cowan was in Old Saybrooke, CT. The cover story is on fireflies. Lighten Up. Second, Ben Tracy interviews Jason Mraz. Third, Martha Teichner on jelly fish. Fourth, Mark Phillips on Keira Knightly, from Pirates. Fifth, Nancy Giles on ice cream trucks. Mo Rocca on convertibles. Bill Geist on little League.
Don Daylor does the news for July 13. Israeli air attacks on Jamas militants. Lightning kills at Rocky Mountain National Park.
Tommy Ramone died Friday. Charlie Haydon, jazz great, died. World Cup. Super Moon. Weather: cold front from Canada. Early storms in northeast.

The first presented story was on Katherine Hepburn by Lee Cowan. Great hurricane of 1938 impacted the home of Katherine Hepburn in Old Saybrooke, CT. In the 1930's, Hepburn labelled as box office poison. Them, The Philadelphia Story; then Woman of the Year. African Queen; On Golden Pond. Won four Academy Awards, but never showed up to accept. "I'm a Connecticut girl. Hepburn died in June 2003. If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.

Lee Cowan introduces story on Tennessee fireflies in the Great Smokie Mountains. Gatlinburg Trolley. Mary McCormick from Knoxville, TN. Mary Lattimore and Naomi Yang. This species of firefly are synchronous. Ranger Becky Nichols. Photinus carolinus.
A firefly is a beetle. Lighting is a mating display. Like the Jersey Shore out here. No Mason jars allowed here. Ranger Caitlin Wirth. Adult fireflies only live a matter of weeks. There are more than 2000 species of fireflies.

Mo Rocca on the official car of summer, a convertible. "To Catch a Thief." The earliest cars were all convertibles, Model T.
Open cars were about affordability. By 1936, convertibles accounted for less than 1% of sales. Picture of Babe Ruth. Roosevelt in the Sunshine Special. By 1950, there were 33 models of convertible. Motormatic Chevrolet. By 1970s, convertibles hit skids.
Matt Anderson: safety issues. As long as one man is going through a midlife crisis, there is your customer for a convertible.

Ben Tracy on Jason Mraz. Soundtrack of summer. How to get out of a dark place. Remedy. Story about best friend from high school. Born on the fourth of July. 2002: Waiting for my rocket to come. Song in 2008: I'm yours. 76 weeks on top 100. Duet with Colbie Caillat). The divorce of Mraz parents impacted Mraz. New album. Yes. Combined with Raining Jane. Mraz is a vegetarian and a gentleman farmer. 300 avacado trees; sells product to Chipotle restaurants. Mrax refers to his colleagues at the coffee shop. Why me?

Lee Cowan does story on hot dogs. At the "Meat Hook" in Brookyln, Cowan shows "how" hot dogs are made. 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day amounts to 800 every second. Moladella Dog. Josh Sharkey owns "Bark", a Brooklyn restaurant. Uses a basting butter right before hot dog is serverd. Josh: the customer is the expert. [One could say this relates to intellectual property, distinguishing innovation from mere invention.]
And, note hamburgers (66%) win over hot dogs (10%_ in consumer preference.

Lee Cowan notes where Katherine Hepburn swam in Old Saybrooke. This introduces story by Teichner on jelly fish. 150 million people stung every year. Diane Nyad in Cuba to Florida swim. The box jelly. Mark Schick at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. The Jellies exhibit is seen by 2 million per year. Why jellies? They are not fish. They have no brain or eyes. Palau has a lake filled with them. Adult jelly is called a medusa. Cone jellies. Upside-down jellies. Lion's Mane can grow to 80 feet. Nomura jellies. Jellyfish Armageddon? Rob Condon at UNC/Wilmington. Creating myths; deviating from science. Food from coastal Georgia. T.K. King. Golden Island International shipped 3 million pounds to China, Japan. Douse sting with vinegar.
YouTube: jellyfish sombrero.

Lee Cowan, sitting in chair in CT, introduces story by Steve Hartman related to amusement parkts. Peter Drakos, car salesman from Detroit, is good at winning games. Has donated a quarter million toys. This is a recycle from 2012.

Mark Phillips on Keira. Mark Ruffalo co-stars in new movie. Earlier The Duchess in 2008. Tighten up and die. Chanel. Lux.
"Begin Again".

Lee Cowan in CT with baseball bat introduces story by Bill Geist. 75th anniversay of Little League. Geist played in Ridgewood, NJ. 1939: first little league pitch. Chuck Frazier played shortstop. Carl Stotz. Lundy Lumber. 2.5 million kids play in 85 countries. Steven Jeener, of Little League Museum. Cannon Street. Maria Pepe in 1974: girls could play.

Lee Cowan in front of Good Humor truck introduces Nancy Giles story on ice cream. Paul DeMarco drives an ice cream truck. Every day is a different adventure. Laura Weiss, book author. Sugar was expensive. I 1920, Perry Burt: Good Humor bar. Equip refrigerated truck with ice cream. Youngstown, Ohio. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream . Artisan ice cream. Vegan ice cream.

Commentary by Bounme Laviton. "I'm bored." Boredom is a state of rest. Bordom is an itch to scratch. I will not steer your ship. Your temporary compass. The jungle of doom. The cavern of broken toys.

Next week on Sunday Morning: back from the dead.

Moment of nature: Faulkner Island, off the Connecticut coast. Common tern. From wikipedia: Falkner Island (also called Faulkner's Island) is a 2.87-acre (1.16 ha) crescent-shaped island located in Long Island Sound 3 miles (5 km) off the coast of Guilford, Connecticut, United States.


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