Saturday, July 26, 2014

Benny Johnson terminated by BuzzFeed for plagiarism, curiously after Johnson blasted the Independent Journal Review for plagiaism

Paul Farhi noted:

In an apology published late Friday night [July 25, 2014], editor Ben Smith [of Buzzfeed] acknowledged that one of the site’s most prolific writers, Benny Johnson, had plagiarized the work of others 40 times in some 500 articles and posts. Johnson has been fired, Smith said.


The NY Post questioned Johnson's choice of copying victims:

His offense wasn’t copying, without crediting, the classics. If only he had. No, his alleged sin was nicking from such mind-numbing sources as Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers and a Texan Congressman’s self-promoting Web site.

The Post further questioned Buzzfeed's claim to fame:

“In the eyes of many journalists, BuzzFeed is constantly walking a fine line between aggregation, or ‘curation,’ and theft,” Politico’s Dylan Byers wrote.


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