Monday, June 16, 2014

Huffington Post scrambles patents and trade secrets in discussing Musk/Tesla

Huffington Post conflated "trade secrets" with patents in the text

Four days after CEO Elon Musk offered most of his company’s patents to rivals in hopes of cultivating a bigger electric car market, Nissan and BMW are “keen on talks” to cooperate on charging networks, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

That pretty much validates why the Silicon Valley company freed up its trade secrets in the first place: Tesla wants its superchargers to become the industry standard.

link Tesla's Clever Patent Move Is Already Paying Off

Note the earlier IPBiz post, including the text bringing up lingering trade secrets:

As noted elsewhere on IPBiz, at one time in the United States, there were more electric cars than gasoline cars.
There was no network of charging stations at that time.

As to Tesla, it depends on where the money is to be made. Kodak could practically give away cameras, as long as there was lots of money in selling film. And the tricks in making film could be protected by trade secrets.


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