Sunday, June 22, 2014

CBS Sunday Morning on June 22, 2014, the first Sunday of summer

Lee Cowan did the stories for the first Sunday in summer. The cover story was about doodling on the job. Second, amateur night at the Apollo done by Anthony Mason. Ella Fitzgerald and the Jackson Five. Gladys Knight. Third, Mo Rocca on Melissa McCarthy. Fourth, Serena Alschul on jeans (recycled story). Fifth, Tracy Smith on Chelsea Handler.
Sixth, Seth Doane on Tokyo; Steve Hartman. Farewells to Jerry Goffen.

Headlines. Insurgents of ISIS in Iraq. Kerry arrived in region this morning (Cairo). Pope Francis in Calabria: all mobsters ex-communicated. Floodwaters on the rise in the midwest. Cameroon, England, Spain out in World Cup. Weather: more storms in midwest. Nice weather in northeast.

Recent studies show doodling may provide mental benefit. Rodney Dangerfield equivalent? Doodler Sunni Brown, book "The Doodle Revolution." Info-doodles help in problem-solving. Go straight to the white board. sb inc. The doodle still has doubters: waste of time.
Andrew Silton, an asset manager. A way of staying engaged in meetings. Doodles open door to better concentration. Applied . Jackie Andrade. Doodles remember 29% more details than non-doodlers. Jessie Prinz at City University of New York. Has blue hair. Pictures drawn during academic lectures. Train people to doodle. Doodling keeping us from zoning out. Doodling opens space. Sweet spot. Morley Safer interviewed by Lee Cowan. Does between 5 to 10 doodles daily. Doodles of water towers. The hand takes over. Doodle of Eisenhower. Mark Twain was a doodler.

Almanac. June 22, 1944. FDR signed the GI Bill of Rights [Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 ]. The story brings up March on Washington in 1932. In 1947, half college admissions in US were veterans. Nearly 8 million vets took advantage of GI bill.

Serena Altschul did a story on old jeans (denim). Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. In 1990's, Levis began to shut down American manufacturing. Roy Slaber in Oakland, CA. Cone Mills, in White Oak, NC. What's old is new again. Mat and Cary Edmondson in Nashville, TN. Imogene and Willie.

See text of 2012 IPBiz post

Serena Alschuler on blue jeans/denim. Michael Allan Harris. Denim detective. He hunts old mines in search of blue gold. The jeans of the Old West. Piece from 1873; unstamped rivets. Wear patterns.
Recreate the wear patterns to establish "lived in" look. Marlon Brando in The Wild One. Denim bluejeans personify freedom. The metal rivet, to hold denim together, was PATENTED by Levi and Strauss. Roy Slaper of label "Roy." A one man sweat shop. Oakland, California. Cone Mills Corporation in North Carolina. As it wears it looks more beautiful than when new. $340 for jeans.
Mat and Kerry Edmonson in Nashville, TN. Imogene and Willy. Sugar Cane. Iron Heart. The indigo dye left the fabric and left wear patterns. American history of work and play.

Tracy Smith interviews Chelsea Handler. "Chelsea Lately." 7 year itch. Leaving E!. Female talk show host. Half million viewers. Mention of all the shuffling with Leno, Letterman. Feuded with Piers Morgan: you're a terrible interviewer. Going to Netflix. Streaming video service. Talk about human interest. Talk show in 2016. Don't have a lot of fear - based issues. Grew up in New Jersey. My parents refused to participate in my childhood. At age of 19, went to Los Angeles. Girls Behaving Badly. Uganda Be Kidding Tour. 39 year old single woman. Are you there Vodka? Functioning alcoholic? Earns more than 20 million per year.

Seth Doane: postcard from Tokyo. Tokyo's robot restaurant. The Lockup restaurant. Diners eat in cells; part haunted house. Cat Cafe. $10 per hour for petting. 16 cat cafes in Tokyo. Cafe with pet goats (Chocolate and Cherry).

Anthony Mason on the Apollo. Dr. Mathhew Hashimoto entered Apollo's amateur night competition and won. Billie Holiday, Jimi Hendriz. Opened in 1934; 1500 seat. Where stars are born and legends are made. Gladys Knight and the Pips. Matthew Whitaker.

Moment of nature. Rhinestein Nature Preserve, East of Buffalo, NY.


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