Sunday, May 04, 2014

CBS Sunday Morning on May 4, 2014

Charles begins talking about autistic children. Lesley Stahl does cover story. Owen Susskind. Second, Ben Tracey gives sneak peak on summer movies. Third, Erin Moriarty on degenerate art. Fourth, Anthony Mason on Kevin Spacey on House of Cards. Martha Teichner. Steve Hartman.
Headlines. Ukrainian forces on the move. Northeastern Afghanistan. Washington correspondents dinner. California Chrome. Weather: rain in northeast

First story, breaking through. Ron and Cornelia Susskind on their son Owen. Year 1994. Doctors say autism. Now, 2 in 68 diagnosed. With autism. Owen would watch Disney movies for hours. After 4 years, Owen speaks. Walter does not want to grow up. Book: Life Animated. Owen at Riverview School.
Kevin Pelfrey at Yale. Affinity therapy on autistic children. Owen has girlfriend Emily.
Owen started a Disney club at school. Owen likes Aladdin. Happy diamond in the rough.

Almanac. May 4, 1932 Al Capone entered federal prison. Went to Atlanta. Two years later to Alcatraz. Released in 1939. Died in 1947.


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