Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Intellectual Ventures handed defeat in ED Va in Capitol One case

Reuters notes that the two Intellectual Ventures [IV] patents in the case comprised claims to abstract ideas that were not
directed to patentable subject matter.

Nathan Myhrvold. IV head, made news elsewhere. Various sources are reporting on published US application 20140078164, titled UNAUTHORIZED VIEWER DETECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD
which has as inventors Chan; Alistair K.; (Bainbridge Island, WA) ; Duncan; William D.; (Kirkland, WA) ; Gates; William; (Redmond, WA) ; Gerrity; Daniel A.; (Seattle, WA) ; Holman; Paul; (Seattle, WA) ; Hyde; Roderick A.; (Redmond, WA) ; Jung; Edward K.Y.; (Las Vegas, NV) ; Kare; Jordin T.; (Seattle, WA) ; Levien; Royce A.; (Lexington, MA) ; Lord; Richard T.; (Tacoma, WA) ; Lord; Robert W.; (Seattle, WA) ; Malamud; Mark A.; (Seattle, WA) ; Myhrvold; Nathan P.; (Bellevue, WA) ; Rosema; Keith D.; (Olympia, WA) ; Tegreene; Clarence T.; (Mercer Island, WA) ; Wood, JR.; Lowell L.; (Bellevue, WA) .

Although the assignee is "ELWHA LLC ", one notes IV patent attorney Tegreene is one of the inventors.

The first claim:

1. A system for detecting and responding to an intruding camera, comprising: an electronic media display device having a screen configured to display content; a sensor; and a processing circuit configured to: obtain information from the sensor; analyze the information to determine a presence of a camera; and edit any displayed content in response to the presence of the camera.


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