Sunday, April 13, 2014

"60 Minutes" for April 13, 2014, Palm Sunday

First story is on Pope Francis.

Second story is on a strong US candidate (female) to win this year's Boston Marathon.

Scott Pelley began the story by noting that Pope Francis signs documents simply as "Francis." Robert Mikkens, American journalist covering the Vatican. Francis: your prayer over me is a blessing. Pope number 266. Francis is in room 201 in the Vatican Hotel. The "scandal of normality." The Jesuits: soldiers of God. Abraham Skorka of Argentina met Francis while talking about soccer. Francis is a memmber of the San Lorenzo de Almagro club. "On Heaven and Earth." President Christina Kirschner. Ritual of washing feet on Holy Thursday. Francis is now 77.

The second segment begins with Obama's visit with Francis. The second segment begins with Robert Mikkens. The Roman Curia. Francis set up a privy council of 8 cardinals. Francis has called the church a field hospital. Gerald LaCroix of Montreal was made a cardinal by Francis. A call to widen your spirit. "We need to look at reality." Urgent concerns about sex abuse and financial scandals. Because of lack of coherence so many people have been hurt. Francis has opened up discussion in the church. We want discussion. But opposition to abortion will remain. And priests will still be men. "The Joy of the Gospel." To Obama. Francis said: it's really young people that order us around. The Pope can shake people's conscience. Counter: how many divisions does the Pope have? Obama: ideas are the most powerful thing on earth. The Pope has 8 titles, the last servant of the servants of God


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