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"The Mentalist" on March 16, 2014: "Grey Water" on fracking

The episode begins with a phone discussion of LaRoche's murder among Wayne, Grace, at their place in San Francisco and Lisbon, in Texas.  Then, a shotgun wielding assassin attacks Wayne,  narrowly missing Wayne and child, Maddie.

Wayne and Grace go to Austin.  12 suspects for the killing of LaRoche are identified.

The more focused issue is a murder in Bradley, TEXAS, wherein a body is found on a fracking site.  Dan Becker, local rancher, is the victim and he had brought suit against Millman Oil, a fracking company which had  polluted Becker's groundwater.  Lease was on federal land; ergo FBI jurisdiction.  Fisher wants to question everybody; Patrick identifies the chief operating officer (Kern).  Patrick:  you're big oil, you can do anything you want.  We are not big oil; we are a regional company.  Anti-corporate organization named "The Collective" is suggested as the problem.

Visit to Dan Becker ranch.  Susan Fitzgerald, family friend.  Molly is wife.  Tap water filled with methane.  Dan was going to pass land on to his son Nathaniel.   Molly lights up tapwater with match.  Bryce Kendrick, another friend:  Millman Oil is behind this.  Nobody dares cross them.  Emmet Fitzgerald sold fracking rights to Millman Oil.  Bryce tells Fisher Dan Becker was roughed up the week before.

Scene with protestors in front of Millman Oil. Issue of computer hacking.  Matter of assault on Becker.  Mr. Jane, we're not an evil company.

On the more general theme, Hutton looks like a good suspect for LaRoche murder; he defeated his ankle bracelet.

Jane to Wiley:  how much can you really learn about a person on the internet?  Really.
[This goes to the the IP theme of privacy, as discussed for example on "60 Minutes" on March 9, 2014 in "The Data Brokers." In "The Mentalist", significant information is developed on Bryce Kendrick, which is used to trick him at a "talking" gas pump."]

Bryce Kendrick was the killer of Becker.  The issue was keeping/not keeping money found in  the Millman Oil safe.

One notes both in this episode of The Mentalist, and on the earlier (2010) episode of CSI, also on fracking

#1.  There was an acceptance that there were combustible gases in the drinking water, which were ignited on each episode.

#2.  The fracking company per se was not involved in the respective murders

Hutton turns out not to be the guy in the LaRoche business.

Cast for "Grey Water":

William Mapother: Richard Haibach  Milena Govich: Molly Becker  Todd Williams: Agent Miller  Penny Peyser: Linda Dubin  Sean O’Bryan: Emmett Fitzgerald  Colby French: Jason Kern  Paul Schulze: John Hutton  Claire Winters: Jacquelyn Hutton  Gary Grubbs (currently residing in Hattiesburg, Mississippi   ): Samuel Millman  Judson Mills: Bryce Kendrick  Shannon Sturges: Susan Fitzgerald Zeljko Ivanek: Linus Wagner .

Cross-reference a different CBS show (from 2010) which had a similar plot line on fracking  CSI does Cable Spings, NV and natural gas drilling    with text:

ConservoSolutions is the implied villain of the piece. Bill Gibson's water contained methane, and burned when lit with a torch. [Contemplate the Henry's Law coefficient for methane in water!]


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