Thursday, March 20, 2014

Plagiarism matters: Schavan loses appeal; Bassem Youssef has problems

Former German Education Minister Schavan lost her appeal to regain her doctorate degree which had been revoked for plagiarism.

As reported by


Annette Schavan resigned as Education Minister last February, four days after her PhD title was revoked, but still contests that the Heinrich Heine University was wrong to find her guilty of plagiarism. Schavan took the case to the Düsseldorf Administrative Court, seeking to retain her title for the thesis she submitted in 1980, aged 24.
Judge Simone Feuerstein on Thursday [March 20, 2014] said the university's decision "was taken in compliance with the law," saying her court's investigation found 60 instances of plagiarism in the text. Feuerstein said there were multiple passages from secondary sources which were not properly cited by Schavan.

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Meanwhile, Bassem Youssef, feted on "60 Minutes" on March 16, 2014, has a plagiarism issue.  From a post  Scourge of Egypt media mocked for 'plagiarism'   

Youssef blamed his workload for not making clear he had lifted large sections of his column from a piece published on US website politico by Moscow-based journalist Ben Judah.



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