Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Woo Suk Hwang revisited? Mouse Stem Cell Researcher Wakayama retraction of papers from 'Nature'

Stem cell researcher Teruhiko Wakayama, of Japan's RIKEN Institute, issued the following retraction to papers co-authored with lead investigator Haruko Obokata:   "I'm no longer sure that the articles are correct."  

The papers were published in Nature in January 2014.  Obokata's team was comprised of researchers from Harvard University and other international institutes.

From Time.com:
"The controversy erupted when Obokata and her team published a tips sheet for other researchers to follow to replicate their work. But inconsistencies between the newly released methods and the original protocol in the papers, as well as questions about images in the published work, led some to wonder about the validity of the results. Wakayama himself said he was able to repeat the study only once, with Obokata’s assistance, but not on his own."


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