Sunday, March 02, 2014

CBS Sunday Morning on March 2, 2014

Charles Osgood hosted the stories for Sunday, March 2, 2014. . Tonight is Oscar night. You must remember this. Tracy Smith on movie critics. "You stink." Why the unpleasant is so unforgettable. Lee Cowan on transforming actors. Makeup man. Third, Mo Rocca on Eva Marie Saint. Married to same man for 62 years. Fourth, Martha Teichner on "Picture Perfect." The use of Monument Valley as a movie backdrop. Fifth, Serena. Sixth, Faith. Seventh, Steve Hartman.

News. Ukraine on brink of disaster. Russians in control in the Crimea. Obama: 90 minute phone call with Putin. Eastern Ukraine has many Russian speakers. NATO ambassadors meeting in Brussels today. Attack in Chinese train station. Winter storm coming. 100 vehicle pileup on I-25 in Denver. USS Somerset christened (PA county of flight 93). Jaydon Smith won Razzy. Weather: major storm sweeping east.

You must remember this (from As Time Goes by). Leonard Maltin, critic. Criticism sticks. Christopher Walken. Kevin Kline. Why are the unpleasant things so unforgettable? Remember above all, what could killus. Mark Hanson on negativity bias. Learn from bad experiences. Movie: The Switch. John Simon, critic for New York Magazine. In 1977, reviewed "The Act." Blubber lips unable to resist the pull of gravity. A Star is Born. nose zigzags across the screen. A critic has to write what he believes is the truth. Prof at UC/San Diego. Word "suck" something that is a threat. Amugdala. Brain focuses on the criticism. Sylvia Miles in A Midnight Cowboy. A party girl and gate crasher. Miles spotted Simon at a party: dumped the food. Call me a plate crasher, as well. Sylvia Miles in Wall Street. John Simon is 88 and writing for the Westchester Guardian. Repulsiveness remains repulsive, no matter what. Sylvia Miles put her memories in the proper place. I learned ways to see the positive side of everything. I would rather get a laugh than a frown.

Almanac. March 2, 1944. CBS Radio broadcast the 16th Oscars. Chinese Theater. Ronald Reagan's brother. Ken Carpenter announced shortwave service to servicemen overseas. Jack Benny was host. Oscar broadcast took 54 minutes. Caaablanca won best movie. Jennifer Jones won best actress for Song of Bernadette. In 1953, 31st Oscars seen on tv, with Bob Hope as host. Hope joke: Television: that's where movies go when they die.

Pulse: 61% say Hollywood has too much influence on politics.

Serena Alschul on jewelry. David Webb. Estee Lauder, Jennifer Garner. Died at age of 50 in 1975. Museum in Palm Beach, Florida. Film: Ash Wednesday.
Jackie Kennedy commissioned Webb to create gifts of state. Seahorse. David Webb born in Ashville, NC; went to NY at age of 17. New book on David Webb.
A best known secret. Madame X in 1966 (Lana Turner). IP angle. Mark Emanuel is co-owner of the brand with a store on Madison Avenue. A team of jewelers carry on Webb's legacy. An archive of 40,000 sketches left behind by Webb. Thus, although Webb the person has been dead since 1975; Webb, the brand, lives on.

Lee Cowan on makeup. Matthew Mungle. WM Creations in Hollywood. Forrest Whittaker. Gravity is not our friend. Ghost of Mississippi. Attic of Horrors. Collection of severed heads. Matthew grew up in Oklahoma. Dressed up like actor in Planet of the Apes. In 1993, Oscar for Dracula. Lead makeup artist for CSI. Actress Monica Casey. Buried in a pile of concrete. Creating a character by any means possible.

Faith Salie on Oscar acceptance speech. No pottie mouth. Sandra Bulloch: what the f___. Rita Morena. Elisabeth Moss. How can we be moved by words that need to be bleeped. Robotically reading from note cards?

Martha Teichner to Monument Valley. 1939 movie: Stagecoach. Monument Valley, 92,000 acres. Ford made nine films in Monument Valley. Scott Eyman book. John Ford's Point, in the Searchers (1956). She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. In 1938, Harry and Mike Goulding took portfolio to Ford. Nathan Brittles cabin. Ford paid a medicine man for weather. Larry Holliday is great great grandson of that medicine man. Monument Valley is Heaven on Earth. The sands that light up the valley. 450,000 visitors per year. 70% from outside the US. Back to the Future. Forest Gump.

Steve Hartman on story in Ohio. Lt. Colonel in Ohio National Guard, Frank Daley. At Cracker Barrel on Feb. 7. Given $20 by a gold star kid.

Mo Rocca on Eva Marie Saint. Oscar Night in 1955. On the Water Front. Studio One on tv. Musical version of "Our Tune" with Paul Newman. Movie: Exodus. North by Northwest directions to Eva Marie : lower your voice, don't use your hands, look into Cary Grant's eyes at all times. Eva Marie: called him my sugar daddy. Mo Rocca: you are a super-fox; did that surprise you? She is now 89. Bowling Green State University. Made cover of Life for On the Waterfront. Cary Grant: they are going to go home, and I made them happy. Person to person interview in 1954. Eli Wallach; Richard Widmark; long marriages. Winter's Tale, which came out last month.

Joshua Seftel i. "My Mom on Movies." Bruce Dern in Nebraska.

David Edelstein. World of hidden Oscar campaigning. Oscarologists. Predicts "12 years" will win. Best Director for Gravity. Matthew wins best actor.
Kate Blanchett wins best acrress. Cheer and gasp in horror.

Monday: Netanyahou Tuesday: Fat Tuesday Then Ash Wednesday Thursday: Bryan Cranston as LBJ in "All the Way" Friday: Unplugging

Next week on Sunday Morning: Lesley Stahl and All that jazz.

Moment of Nature. Spiriva. Tidal pools of Laguna Beach. Starfish.


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