Sunday, March 16, 2014

"60 Minutes" on March 16, 2014

First up, a story on Vassem Youssef, a cardiac surgeon who does comedy in Egypt.

Second up, "Drones over America."  FAA is trying out to figure out the rules of the road.  Initially, a park in Austin, Texas.  Colin Quinn illustrates his squadron.  "The Future of Possible."  Drone hovering over Niagara Falls.  Drones in Time Square.  Drones filming surfers in Hawaii.  Definitely a young business.  Environmental research.  Help forest service fighting wildfires.  2011 tsunami in Japan:  measure radiation.  Damage in Phillipines.  Dirty, dangerous, dull missions.  The Drone Show.  Missy Cummings, of MIT and Duke.  Small drones delivering wedding cakes.  "SARA."
SKATE made of styrofoam, weighs about two pounds.  The future was looking back at them.  The issue of privacy.  Greatest privacy invasion:  cell phone, if not your Facebook account.  Diane Feinstein discussed privacy concerns.  Troubled by proliferation of drones.  {UAS}  When does it become stalking?  Demonstrators.  Humming bird drone.  Some certification of operators?  Exercising a dog with a drone.

Third up, "Cajun Ketchup."  Tabasco.  150 years of tradition.  Avery Island, west of New Orleans.  Tony Simmons, fifth generation CEO.  Are there secrets?  Red tabasco, vinegar.  How many secrets can you have?  Edmund invented the category.  Only 30% of companies move from first generation; only 12% move from second generation.   Harold "Took" Osborne is next in line.  Grows peppers on 20 acres to produce seeds to grow plants elsewhere.  Every time you breed something, you give away something.  Some seeds are kept in a vault.  10 million pounds of peppers.  Mash comes back, and is stored in oak barrels.  Mash slumbers for three years.  Spider webs are found.  After 3 years, vinegar added and mixed for 28 days.  Sauce is strained and bottled.  700,000 bottles per day.  Shipping to 166 countries.  "Fatality" brand pictured.  In 2005, Hurricane Rita.  Protect Avery Island.  Salt water intrusion.  They need grass.  Family leases land for oil/gas drilling and salt exploration.  Unique Cajun musical tradition.  "Not sure the joy would be as great if made elsewhere."  IP angle:  Tabasco has been trademarked since 1906.  Can't call a product "Sanjay's Tabasco Sauce."  Can say "Sanjay's Hot Sauce Made from Tabasco Peppers."   Tony Simmons:   I like owning a family business. 

from wikipedia:  Tabasco sauce was first produced in 1868 by Edmund McIlhenny.   Paul McIlhenny, sixth in the line of McIlhenny men to run the business, assumed the presidency in 1998, and occupied the post of chairman until his death in early 2013.

Comments on story.  The Data Brokers.  The Enter Net.  Relationship of The Data Brokers to story on ALMA.


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