Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Google's US 8,621,366: method of electronically creating comic strips

According to US'366, there is a need for a system to allow users of social networks to create and read comic strips.

The first claim states:

A method of electronically creating comic strip communications, the method comprising:

receiving a text input from a first user; selecting, from a database server, a theme for a comic strip based on the text input, wherein selecting the theme includes contextually processing; entering a title for the comic strip via a user interface in at least one of a computer-implemented social network facility, an electronic mail facility, an instant messaging facility, a texting facility, and an electronic communications facility; associating textual content for the comic strip from the text input with at least two characters, the textual content being part of a conversation between the at least two characters; displaying, via the user interface, a preview of the comic strip; determining display specifications that apply to a destination location; formatting the comic strip to conform to the display specifications of the destination location; directing, via the user interface, that the comic strip be posted in the destination location for a second user including embedding the comic strip in a personal stream associated with the second user in the computer-implemented social network facility and allowing the second user to access and control the comic strip in the personal stream; and receiving a request from the second user to share the comic strip with a third user.

The prosecuting firm was Patent Law Works.


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