Wednesday, January 22, 2014

CSI does Project Jericho and domestic spying on January 22, 2014

The story begins with a handoff of a flash drive, a car chase, and an explosion, with a crispy corpse in the remnants of the car.

The dead body seemed to be that of an investigative reporter, doing a story on domestic spying. General Lansdale. John Murchison is the reporter. Lansdale on "The cost of misplaced loyalty.". The giver of the handoff "Emily Ray" ends up dead. Suvari is the mystery leaker.

Willful communication of national defense information.

Fake fingerprint: Ridge detail but no pores.

Wifi technology that allows one to take control of a car?

Boston Breaks.

Cheryl Perez, an earlier victim.

Zolpidem bottle shown.

Joseph Powers, a contractor, was Suvari, and ends up dead.

Another child of the '60's.

The episode ends without resolution. The implication is of a rogue general.


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