Sunday, January 26, 2014

"60 Minutes" on January 26, 2014

*Senator Deeds on mental illness. Nowhere to Go.

*YearUp on internships

*Jay Leno talks about his future. Show business pays you a lot of money because eventually you are going to get screwed.

Scott Pelley does the story on Senator Creigh Deeds. The story is a warning that cannot wait. Gus Deeds went to William & Mary. In 2011, Gus Deeds was diagnosed as bipolar. Gus had posted weird things on his Facebook page. As to psychiatric problems: 500,000 beds to fewer than 100,000. Yale/New Haven has 52 beds. Ernie Ridington. The only option is the emergency room. Since 2008, states have cut 4.5 billion dollars from mental health funding.

Second story by Morley Safer. YearUp started by Gerald Chertavian, who earlier co-founded Conduit Communications in 1993. CEO Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan Chase) took on a number of interns. Relentless focus on networking. Hire for skills; fire for behavior. A template which has demonstrated measureable success. Miami-Dade College.

Steve Krofft on Jay Leno. Demographic shift. Baby boomers out. In 1992, 60 Minutes interviewed Jay when he was about to take over Today. In 2004, Conan threatened to leave NBC, with Conan replacing Leno in 2009. March 1, 2010: Jay Leno back at Tonight show.


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