Sunday, December 22, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on December 22, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for December 22, 2013. Three days to Christmas. Lee Cowan at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 360 voices. Martha Teichner on fake wine vintages. Vintage crime. Counterfeiting.
Michelle Miller on Jonah Hill. David Pogue on Techno-Claus.

Headlines. Warm temp in east. Cold in Midwest. Clare Davis died. Service about Pan Am attack in Scotland.
Homicide charge in Pakistan. Space walk. Charges over Short Hills Mall attack. Discounts at Target.

Weather. Warm in east. Storms in Midwest.

First up. Cover story by Martha Teichner. Begins with Bill Koch. 421 bottles of fake wine. Counterfeit wine.
Maureen Downey: wine detective. Somebody took a 1964 and made it a 1961. A faker was arrested.
Last Wednesday, Rudy was convicted. 1787 wine from Thomas Jefferson. Hardy Roudenstock. Sale in 1985 made CBS evening news. Bottle sold for $157,000. Koch spent $25 million on lawsuits against fraud steers.
Counterfeiting has discouraging wine sales. OpusOne is taking steps.
Koch has 40,000 bottles of wine but has stopped buying.

Second up. almanac. Dec. 22, 1882. Edward Johnson turned on electric Christmas tree lights. In 1923 Calvin Coolidge: 2500 lights on White House tree. Christmas Vacation. Now LED lights. Utah display.

Third up. David Pogue of yahoo. Belkin WeMo (see Trigger trap cable. Flips audio headphones.
Beats pill Bluetooth. Mini jambox. Chrome cast remote. Gtech aircam.

Fourth. Tuba. Michael Salzman. Bill Geist on sounds of Christmas. Distressed whale. 278 tuba Christmas concerts.
Euphonium. Wichita tuba concert. 39 tubists. Harvey Phillips, NYC, 1974.
376 tubists at Kennedy Center in DC. Philip Black. Taylor Tracy, student.

Fifth. 92% will celebrate Christmas. 79% will have tree.

27,632 dollars for gifts of 12 days of Christmas.

Sixth. Jonah Hill. Moneyball. Michelle Miller interviews.
The Wolf of Wall Street. Donnie Azoff. Refusing to take no for answer.
Father was accountant for Guns N Roses. Black and White Bar in NYC.
Dustin Hoffman gave him a break. Superbad. Under promise / over deliver. Island of misfit toys.
21 Jump Street. 22 Jump Street. I don't have a job and that's ok.

Seventh. Steve Hartman. Jacky
Turner. William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA.
I want to rent a mom and dad. For $8. People are hurting and broken.
Pair up needy with needed.

Eighth. Lee Cowan on Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 110 piece orchestra.
20 tv cameras. Nearly everyone is a volunteer. A choir that speaks to people.
166 years. Richard Elliott, organist. 1847. Ronald Jerritt. James Taylor.
Charles Osgood in 1996. 2002 winter Olympic Games. Retire after 20 years of service or 60 years of age.
Sept. 11, 2001. Share beautiful music.

Ninth. David Martin on feeding an army. Samuel Jones. Soul food day. Scott Duggan discussed color
Coding of food. Red code. Culinary Institute of America.
Master chef Brad Barnes. Stealth health. Quinoa ( Keenwah ). Buckwheat.
Turkey sausage. 13,000 overweight of 535,000 total. Eggs over turkey sausage.

Week ahead. Monday. Deadline for Obamacare. Aca. Tuesday. NORAD. Thurs. Boxing Day.

Friday zillow. Sat. Long term unemployment benefits run out.

Bill Flanagan. Christmas services. Third Crusade. Special room in purgatory for fur coat lady.
No room at the inn. Sharing your pew. Good seat at Christmas but lose your soul?

Next week. Hail and farewell on Sunday morning.

Osgood. Mel Torme song. Chestnuts roasting on a fire, done by Osgood.

Moment of nature. Java (pronounced Jayva ) New York not far from Buffalo.


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