Sunday, December 01, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on December 1, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories on CBS Sunday Morning for December 1, 2013. Erin Moriarity on making ends meet. Second, Palmer on super star chefs in London.
Lee Cowan interviews Bruce Dern. Rita Braver on OJ Brigance, Ravens. Richard Haas.

Headlines. Obamacare. Spending on Black Friday down 13%. Commuter passenger train derailed in Bronx. Actor Paul Walker died. Auburn beat Alabama. Weather. Storm in Pacific Northwest.

Making ends meet. Nancy Salgado in fast food industry. Makes 8.25 per hour. No benefits. Protest in Cicago over low pay. Robert Reich on new low wage workers. Inequality for All documentary. Only 7% of workers are now unionized. Fight for 15. National Restaurant Association.
Sample Monthly Budget. Sarah Stanich. California requires minimum of $10 per hour. David Tovar of Walmart. Tipping point on productivity if worker stays in entry level job too long. Need to be safe and living well.

Almanac. Dec 1, 1913. Birthday of Mary Martin.
My heart belongs to daddy. South Pacific. 1954 in Peter Pan.
Cyril Richard played Captain Hook, also born on Dec 1.
I will always be Peter Pan.

(Walmart ad appears after Almanac and discusses jobs at Walmart.)

A taste of Jerusalem. 5th night of Hannakah.

Just the Recipes. Elizabeth Palmer in London. Our whole kind of ethos. Ottolenghi.
Palestinian and Jew working together in London.

Rita Braver on 44 year old OJ Brigance. ALS. Played for Rice University. Joined Ravens in 2000.
Retired in 2003. Ravens called him back to be spokesman. In 2007, noticed weakness in arm. Doctors diagnosed ALS.
Ray Lewis: because of your mindset you can live through anything. John Harbaugh: the way he attacks every day. Pro football players more likely to die from Als than general population. Strength of a Champion. Computer issues in writing a book. Ray Rice clip. You can never count him out. Obama mentioning Brigance. Harbaugh: Sunday afternoon is a battle.

Stores open on Thanksgiving Day in 2013. Norman Marcus retractable tv for 1.5 million.
Harrods whiskys 1.5 million. Submarine for over 3 million.

Serena Alschul on the work of Richard Haas. 1211 North LaSalle.
Paul Goldberger has followed Richard's work. First job in 1975 in Soho.
A mural can change a neighborhood. Trompe l'oile.
I didn't invent something; I reinvented something.
Now age 77. Now working in Homewood, Illinois. Making enough work that some of it will stick around.

Taking pictures of food. Faith Salie. Duck tacos. Foodstagramming.
Food photography. Your pork belly is a food hog. Life like food is meant to be savor end, not preserved.

Lee Cowan Sunday Profile on Bruce Dern. Woodrow T. Grant. Norfolk, Nebraska. Elia Kazan to Bruce Dern. Rarely was Dern the star. Black Sunday. Big Love. Guys that live just outside where the buses run. Archibald MacLeish.
The king of Marvin Gardens. Coming Home. I got an at-bat in a crucial situation.

Ohio state 42-41 over Michigan. Grant reed. Ohio State football. Cat is named Buckeye.
Grant named his cancer "Michigan". Make it a disease you can fight.

Announcement of upcoming events including American Kennal Club in Orlando.

Dec 2: same sex in Hawaii. Dec 3 us Christmas tree lighting. Dec 7 72nd anniversary.

Joshua Seftel. IPad. FeastTime software. Joshua filmed his parents.
My mom on movies.

Next week. Ethan Hawke.

Moment of nature. Redwoods in and around Los Gatos, California.


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