Sunday, December 15, 2013

"60 Minutes" on December 15, 2013: NSA and Coptic Church

"60 Minutes" gains access to the National Security Agency.

John Miller reports on "Inside the NSA." NSA stands for "never say anything"? Keith Alexander leads the NSA, and is a four star Army general. NSA can only target a US citizen with probable cause and a court order. The headquarters of the NSA is in Ft. Meade, Maryland. We need to help the American people understand what we are doing and why we are doing it.
The NSA is collecting the phone records of 300 million Americans. Metadata. The number dialed, the day and date, and the frequency. "Chain him out." A number in the US can be a protected number. You don't hear the call; you don't get the name. That number is talking to someone who is very bad. Two 9/11 hijackers were in touch with terrorist in Yemen; they were calling from California. PRISM collection details as to email. FISA court. Rick Legend of the NSA. Snowden did scraping. Roadmap of what we know and what we don't know.

Edward Snowden's desk was in Hawaii. Snowden cheated on his test to get a job at the NSA. Snowden worked under a hood covering himself and his screen, while at home. Cyber Operations Center. BIOS plot. Firmware. The NSA has hired 3000 analysts to defend against such things. Black Chamber. kardexremstar. Chris Inglis, deputy director. NSA monitored Merkle's cell phone calls. Letter from 8 CEOs of internet service providers. See also

The Copts elect a Pope in Cairo's Grand Cathedral. A blindfolded boy picks from among three names. Copts believe Jesus came to Cairo. Eastern desert next to the Red Sea. Saint Anthony. Red Monastery. 8.5 million Copts; only 10% of MidEastern population. Saint Simon. Public exorcism. Tatoo crosses on wrists.


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