Sunday, November 10, 2013

"60 Minutes" on November 10, 2013

The third story, on the photographer Alexander Grossman, was widely advertised as the Beatles and JFK.

Matthew Schrier talks about his 210 days of captivity in Syria. One of Mat's captors said: Torturing people gets me closer to God. After 21 days, Mat was moved to a different cell, with an American with a long beard. At 30 days, the captors stole his identity. They spent 17K on his credit cards. Mat was in six prisons in all. On July 29, escaped through a window.

Second story was on the GoPro camera. Nick Woodman. Woodman was 26 in 2002. Did first.
The original GoPro was wrist mounted. Kelly Slater, surfer. 350K in 2005. If it doesn't work in the real world, we won't make it.

Henry Grossman's camera captured the 1960s. Seize the day; seize the moment. JFK in Boston. His "eyes" portrait. Grossman was 22 or 23 then. JFK on Wall Street. JFK by Statue of Liberty. Windblown JFK. On Jacky: lovely but tough.
RFK catnapping on the road. Grossman photographing the Beatles. Gobsmacked. Henry Grossman was shooting for TIME Magazine. Grossman photographed wedding of Taylor/Burton. George Hamilton as Dracula. Duke of Windsor. Cassius Clay.
"Places I Remember". Grossman shot Beatles filming Help in the Bahamas. John's house look like a straight middle class house. Summer of Love, 1967. George Martin, the Beatle's producer. Sense of joy and of melancholy. Photographs don't distinguish between the living and the dead.


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