Sunday, October 27, 2013

"The Good Wife" on Oct. 27, 2013. Episode 100.

"Alicia is leaving the firm and she's taking our top clients." Diane to Will. "Document everything."

Will: first of all you're fired. second, I'm taking your cell phone. Get out of here right now, you are fired.

Will tells IT guy to shut down the files. A vote of the executive committee to remove Alicia is taken.

By 9:13pm, Alicia is fired and escorted out.

Frantic phone calls to clients and mention of "tortious interference."

The restraining order against Alicia's firm is upheld, but Alicia gets a restraining order from Judge Winter against Will. There are references to Judas and thirty pieces of silver.

By 9:45pm, a sex scene between Alicia and Peter.

Quote from client ChubHum: "Politics leads, the law follows"

Will: I'm going to destroy the competition.

Peter: The pension problem is real. Taxation of internet commerce. [directed to ChumHum and Neil Gross]

Last scene: Peter asks Eli to prepare a list of other potential Supreme Court nominees.


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