Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ocean Tomo and Patent Rankings

Patently O on 14 Oct 2013 has a post titled Ocean Tomo versus PatentRatings about the litigation between Ocean Tomo and Jonathan Barney / PatentRatings LLC.

There had been a discussion in 2011 on the IAM Blog titled Lawsuit follows departure of key Ocean Tomo partner which included the text

“The relationship has fallen apart and I simply cannot work for Ocean Tomo any longer,” Barney told me. “I am now going to focus my energies on defending PatentRatings LLC and expanding it internationally as a standalone business.” PatentRatings LLC, he explained, is an intellectual property holding company that receives royalties from Ocean Tomo for the use of patents, trade secrets and brands that underpin OTPR. Barney states that the allegations made by Ocean Tomo in its suit are “totally frivolous”, and he has no doubts that he will prevail in the litigation. “But,” he stated, “I am naturally concerned about the financial and human cost of fighting any case, and especially the potential disruption the spat may cause to our valued clients and partners.”

To that end, and despite the recent developments, Barney says he intends to: “Continue working hard fully supporting the OTPR business and the dedicated team we have built in Newport Beach under the capable leadership of Ocean Tomo’s Managing Director Steve Lee.”

Concerning Steve Lee, Law360 had a post in 2012 titled Ocean Tomo Settles Trade Secrets Suit With Ex-Director which included text

In its motion calling for a restraining order, Ocean Tomo claimed Lee had contacted it on Jan. 24 stating he intended to disclose confidential information to PR LLC in connection with an ongoing legal fight between the two companies. Ocean Tomo is currently involved in $2.5 million arbitration battle with PR over a 2004 patent licensing dispute, according to the motion.


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