Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dealing with plagiarism at Kenyon

Concerning the background of incoming Kenyon College students:

[Associate Provost Jan ] Thomas cited “a growing concern [among the faculty] that students are not being prepared for” writing appropriate citations. To combat this, the changes will include “something like a workshop or module for first years once they get here to kind of give them an idea of what academic integrity entail[s].”

Emphasizing the same point, Thomas said “education is a big part of this and our idea is to have freshmen be required to do this tutorial before they can register for spring classes. In the past,” she added, “I think we’ve been willing to assume that most students have the background that they need. Now, however, it’s becoming more obvious that all students don’t have that [before they arrive] and we probably should not assume that they do.”



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