Sunday, October 27, 2013

"60 Minutes" on October 27, 2013

First, a story on the killings in Libya. Leave Benghazi or you will be killed. Lara Logan.

Second, damage assessment of Edward Snowden affair.

Third, Metropolitan. Backstage at the Met.

Lara Logan on Benghazi. "Morgan Jones" was a security officer who is interviewed. Jones went to an Alacaide controlled hospital, which had the body of Chris Stevens. Morgan was in charge of the Libyan guard force. "CIA Annex" attack took four American lives. Morgan Jones arrived at Benghazi four months earlier. Lt. Colonel Andy Wood met with Ambassador Stevens every day. Reports were made to the State Dept. and DoD three months before attack was made. "Shut down operations." You are being targeted. They are in the final planning stages of an attack on the Benghazi mission. Greg Hicks was Stevens' deputy. Lara Logan to Hicks: "Why didn't you get the help you needed?" "We're here to kill Americans, not Libyans." Final image of 60 Minutes piece: picture of schedule for Ambassador Stevens for September 12.

John Miller on "The Deputy Director" [Mike Morrell of the CIA] Damage assessment on Edward Snowden. Most serious leak in history. Feb. 2012 document on "the black budget." Handing over the playbook to the other team. Cell phones are not allowed in the CIA building. CIA Director's Conference Room. Mike joined CIA in 1980. Briefed Bush-II. Enhanced interrogation techniques, including water boarding, sleep deprivation.
Big change: drones became go-to weapon. 50 to 100 million to Prez Karzai. Dec. 2009 in Afghanistan, deaths of 7 CIA people.


On Nov. 26, 2013, after an internal review of the report found flaws in Logan's reporting, she and her producer, Max McClellan, were asked to take indefinite leaves of absence. However, Fager [ chairman of CBS News and executive producer of "60 Minutes" ]has said that he was ultimately responsible for the mistakes associated with the report.



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