Sunday, September 08, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on September 8 2013

Lee Cowan, not Charles Osgood, hosted the stories for September 8. The cover story, done by Cowan, was on the "art of the fake", featuring Ken Perenyi (author of Caveat Emptor). Honoring genuine talent is one thing, but how about the imitators? Copying Buttersworth. Second, Mark Strassman on Freda Kelly, secretary to the Beatles. Third, Mo Rocca on Woodrow Wilson. Tracy Smith on Billy Crystal. Jeff Glor, Dave Edelstein, and Steve Hartman on a weight lifter.

Headlines Obama will speak on Syria, Tokyo gets 2020 Olympic Games. Der Spiegel on NSA. Weather: mild in northeast.

Almanac. Minnesota Mining does Scotch tape on September 8, 1930. Richard Drew. See also:

Faith Salie does editorial on vocal fry / creaky voice.

Lava lamp 50th. Edward Craven-Walker of Britain invented the lava lamp in 1963.

Steve Hartman on Jonathan Stoklosa.

Jeff Glor on Urban Dove.

Edelstein on "Short Term 12."

Moment of nature. Great Falls, Virginia.


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